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Drive – in theatre

Los Angeles has always had a lot to offer. I even can´ t say to be grown up in a bad area. I could watch a plenty of companies, how they raised and had quite good success. America in the 50ies. I saw the beginning of a story. Primarily I need to thank my parents for that, but of course my beloved wife as well.

L.A. Downtown had the first drive – in theatre ever. I brought my seetheart Angela to this place, as there were shown romantic movies each saturday night. Our first date ended up as usual. A little kiss, a new assignation. After a while we got known better, the relationship became stronger and more intesive. I will never forget one sentence she said to me in these days:

„Actually I´ d like to study at a college in antother state, but my father offers me a job in his laboratory. Moreover chemistry has always been intersting to me, so I could earn money now, if you want that.“

In a rounabout way Angela let me know, that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me. The theatre was already empty. Nobody was watching us, when we kissed each other.

„But you should realize your dreams, too, before you commit yourself to me“, I answered. I knew at that time, what love means, but had no sense to express myself. Someone was ready and prepared to bestow his whole life.

After our marriage we visited the drive – in theatre only from time to time. This place was simply some kind of attractive to us because of all the memories. Our parents realized quickly, that we couldn ´t be without each other anymore. I got my first job and Angela a simple guy like me. My wife was happy.

„It would be truly awful to be lonely in old age, wouldn´ t it“, she said after a few years of our still young wedlock. Once again she told me in a roundabout way, that she was wishing children. This dream came true as well as the house in the suburbs.

When I was about 50 years old I had a little life crisis.

„Darling if you want, we could travel around the world with our savings“, Angela suggested. Our two boys were already off from home. Again in a roundabout spoken way I felt, that nothing was more important to her than to listen to my whises, problems and needs. She always wanted to make me happy.

Angela died of cancer way to early. Her last words to me at the sickbed were:

„This flirt at the drive – in theatre was the start of my life. I am not sad. We meet again! Do you feel like that?“

Even at the deathbed my wife said it by the flower. Her request was to indicate, that she always loved me and much more: Up over the death beyond.

This is why I take care of Angela´  s plants in the garden. Flowers, nature and the simple life, that´ s what she wanted and loved.


The 4 seasons

What would be, if the four seasons could speak?


Some people love me, others hate me. I bring the snow and freezing coldness. Nevertheless my season is a time of love and warmness. The humans celebrate Christmas, there is good food and lovely, comfortable evenings in decorated living rooms. I also offer skiing in the Alps in this area as well as hot mullet wine. Whole cities are getting photgraphed with its beautiful wintry. Please add: If it would be as worm as in sommer, it might be pretty boring over here. Further you can wear your exclusive and expensive winter coats during these cold days. I am really tough and sometimes I scramble into other seasons. Nature did that, our mother.


I am a yellow ocean of flowers, well, should be like that. Some animals are awake again and some men and women get some special feelings. I am the root of awakening, not just in the environment. I am the bridge from coldness into the sunny days, I ensure, that the open air pools open soon again. Time for happiness and adorable walks in the surrounding mountains.


I nearly and positively burn, mostly at least. I` ve got all that, what you guys miss in the other seasons: Warmness of the earth, not of the temper and mind, but that comes automatically, when I join the room of climate. Chilling at the lake, bathing, easy clothes and sunglasses. I am the darling of the seasons, although I don´ t meet all expectations each year, if my mates autumn and spring disturb me sometimes. Nevertheless I am still there.  Every year! I am a realtity show of close bikinis and short swim trunks. I do not want to exaggerate, but I find myself sexy.


Leaves falls and they look like gold. Children are collecting chestnuts, which come down from the trees down to the ground. I complete the summer and bring plants, animals and also the humans to relexation and coziness. Sometimes there must be an end of the show. Don´ t worry, I don´ t destroy anyone, I just help to escort for the calm. You are annoyed by the rain? I can understand that, moreover the tears of heaven are my personal power, to lock nature again and to plan a new beginning, if it didn´ t work this year as you guys expected. Enough time to rethink everything at the open fire in your home until the severe winter returns.


Human Mathematics

I count my money, before i go to the shops. I count every hour, when I`m really looking forward to something. I add up the ammounts of  the groceries at the supermarket before checking out. I count on you, if you have been promising somewhat. I count my life years, it´ s a shame that they are increasingly. I count the sheeps, when I am not able to sleep another night.

Nevertheless you don´ t count everything, you also need to pay for a lot of things.

I am paying taxes, I am paying petrol, heating costs and electricity. I pay instructive money, if I don´ t know something. The highest deductions come from communication companies and the GEZ.

If you feel hate for someone or are disappointed, you think: „You will pay back for this“ or „For that I am gonna let you pay“. I am satisfied, when my employer pays on time, so that I am able to pay my monthly bills. This isn´ t absrtact Algebra, neither Geometry, that` s human Mathematics. To disengage from all these things, you should be a hippie or live the life of a hermit.

To understand all the numbers again, you better become esoteric:

1 stands for the winner of the competition, number 2 for the persecutor of the highest goals. All good things come in threes. 4 elements shape the planet with 5 world religions. It takes 6 days until it´ s sunday. 7 is the people´ s favourite number and number 8 you can turn around as you want, it remains. 9 smartly rule the world and the 10 commandments get broken each day.

I dont´ t count until 20 now, because I have never liked mathematics. I count the beautiful days of my life and am omitting the worse, this helps me to stay young at heart. Moreover I excuse myself from the gossip of others to get to know, who I can trust. My friends don´ t have numbers, nevertheless I can count them on one hand. Essential is, that they stand by me in good and in bad times. Without any payment.




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